What’s the MGO board? Why so popular?
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What’s the MGO board? Why so popular?

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What’s the MGO board? Why so popular?

Green low carbon has become a new track for the development of traditional manufacturing enterprises. As a green and low-carbon building material, the MGO Board will lead a new pattern of development.

First, the MGO board belongs to green environmental protection materials.

1. Environmental protection: The MGO board is non-toxic, smoke-free, and odorless, which is relatively environmental protection. Its production materials are natural mineral powder and plant fiber, which do not contain formaldehyde, benzene, and harmful radioactive elements, and the surface does not contain powder. The unique natural pore structure can adjust the indoor temperature, making you more comfortable at home or in the office.

2. insulation: the  MGO board is non-combustible Class A, and the plate will not be burned and will not produce toxic smoke in case of fire; With low conductivity, it is an ideal insulation material, waterproof and moisture-proof, heat insulation, and sound insulation, light in weight and high in strength, safe and harmless, and has a long life.

Second, it is widely used, with high-cost performance.

1. The performance of Class A flame retardant board used in various engineering projects is superior to that of the wood plastic flame retardant board and can be used in various engineering projects.

3. The MGO board applied in special places with the veneer has the characteristics of drug resistance, abrasion resistance, pollution resistance, etc. It can be used in hospitals, laboratories, and other special places, and is obviously superior to marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, and other materials.

4. It can be used in decoration and furniture manufacturing. The MGO board can be combined with wallpaper, aluminum-plastic plate, wood veneer, PVC, and other finishes, and can be sprayed with paint or latex paint. It can be used in furniture decoration and furniture manufacturing.

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